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Why Choose Us

At CCI we are all about servicing our clients needs to the fullest. We give a personal touch that larger firms sometimes can not give. We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and professional all the while making clients feel like we are very accessible to them. No matter what we give the most personal attention possible to every client at all times. Our goal is to provide clients with accurate appraisals for any purpose they may need.

With over 30 years of combined experience we at CCI have the knowledge and expertise to serve clients in various engagements from litigation support to consulting business owners in matters of succession planning or sale of their companies. For every business owner their will be a need to transfer interest at some point and in some cases an eventual sale. We can help provide guidance through those stages. We can provide regular appraisals for owners in order chart the growth to help them better plan for these events in the future.

For most engagements we quote on a fixed fee basis. Some engagements may require a different fee arrangement such as litigation support, but we can discuss that in more detail during the initial consultation stage. Please contact us if you are interested in working with CCI for your valuation needs.