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Estate and gift tax valuations

CCI's estate and gift tax valuation appraisers will provide thorough discount study valuations of fractional interests in all types of closely held businesses(such as Limited and General Partnerships, LLC's and Tenant In Common interests), as well as consulting services in preparation for gifting securities, charitable donations, buy/sell agreements, or estate planning. CCI's prides itself on its reputation which is the result of thorough analysis, documented studies, and extreme care taken to properly document the analysis behind our opinions.

It is the burden of the taxpayer to support the values utilized for estate and gift tax returns. Values transferred must be at fair market value as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Our qualified appraisals render a fair market value opinion that meets all of the IRS standards including Revenue Ruling 59-60.

Experienced Professionals

Our Appraisers have gained considerable experience through research, continuing education, and have maintained active roles in the various professional valuation organizations, our valuation experts are knowledgeable about the most recent applicable tax court cases, legislation, related revenue rulings, and IRS Code sections. We possess an in-depth knowledge of all proven and accepted valuation approaches and methodologies. Our professionals provide objective analysis that is supportable and defendable, based on the latest market data and valuation industry guidelines.

CCI utilizes and maintains numerous resources, through the use of market databases, as well as in depth industry and economic research. These tools allow us to produce reliable valuation analyses and reports that adhere to applicable valuation standards. CCI appraisers stay current with all the latest changes in estate and gift tax valuation topics by actively participating in valuation discussion groups and subscriptions to various newsletters and other publications. CCI is familiar with the most current issues such as quantifying discounts for lack of control and discounts for lack of marketability, as well as other relevant estate and gift tax issues and court cases that have considerable impact of the way these discounts are handled and supported.